Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer

Two of the most vital installations in any commercial establishment or private residence are water and sewer lines. And these are two installations where you will have to trust only in certified, experienced, and skilled people to guarantee successful design, installation, repair, or maintenance, whichever your specific concern may be.

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How We Can Help You

Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is among Nashville’s preferred and trusted companies providing first-class construction services. With skilled manpower plus complete equipment, we have the right mix of logistics and expertise to provide clients with successfully installed water and sewer connections.

Specifically, these are the specific ways on how we can address your particular concerns:

  • Planning. We can help property owners, particularly in Nashville and neighboring cities, create a smart plan for their water and sewer connections. We have deep knowledge of the existing regulations governing the design and installation of these utilities so we can adopt the plan to satisfy such requirements. We have checklists where we itemize every factor that must be considered to ensure that we’re working on the same page as our clients.

  • Digging and installation. We can take charge of the digging and the entire construction of the sewer and water service lines. We have workers who are fully aware of clients’ requirements and needs, and they will perform their jobs towards the results that clients expect.

  • Permits. We can also help in the permits and compliance with city water services. We will ensure that the water pipes, valves, backflow preventer and other fixtures comply with the local utilities rules. We will apply the same approach with sewer construction to guarantee a hassle-free project.

  • Maintenance and Repair. There could be instances when your water lines could get damaged at an area, hence causing leakage that could skyrocket your bill or cause health problems. Our duty is to prevent such problems by performing routine maintenance checks of your water and sewer installations. But in cases where such a scenario is totally unavoidable, we will guarantee fast response to your call for assistance. We have a team of seasoned technicians with the right troubleshooting tools to remedy all kinds of problems in water and sewer lines.

Experts in Water and Sewer Systems Construction

Our company is your best pick when it comes to design, planning, installation, repair, and maintenance of water and sewer systems. We have been performing these services for years, and we can definitely assure you of fully functioning systems with our services.

As a family-owned and operated company servicing various cities across Tennessee, we promise to treat your project the way we treat our own, so you’re guaranteed a personal touch with emphasis on achieving your dream outcome. No matter how simple or challenging your specific concern may be, rest assured that you’ll get our undivided attention and unmatched expertise. We will even provide warranty to our work for your security and peace of mind.

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