Under Ground Utilities

Before any formal construction of a home or building begins, provisions for underground facilities must be already prepared. This is to ensure that when the construction is in full blast, there would be no costly delays since everything is already in place. Johnson & Son Construction, LLC will help you with this by preparing the area for all your underground utilities. We can also prepare all the necessary permits and local building and construction requirements for smooth and hassle-free workflow. Contact us soon.

Underground Utilities Prepared by the Experts

Under Ground Utilities

Preparing the site for the installation of various underground utilities is a delicate task that should be handled only by people with lengthy experience and in-depth knowledge of the tasks involved. Our goal is to ensure that you can quickly proceed with your home or business establishment construction quickly and without any untoward incident.

We have people who will carefully consider certain factors before, during, and after the preparation of the different underground utilities. First, our staff will contact the Federal Communications Commission to check if there are existing installations in the area where we are to work. This will also help us avoid potential fines or criminal lawsuit.

We will also determine the right depth at which the various utilities have to be placed. We will likewise guarantee their proper placement so they won’t be hit and accidentally damaged during construction. Our people will likewise determine the best area in your property where the utilities should be located. Lastly, we will have a thorough checkup of the area during and right after the construction to ensure that everything is intact and according to plan.

With us, your installers (from water and gas pipes to electrical and irrigation) will have an easy time installing all the connections and fixtures for timely completion of your construction project.

Underground Utilities that We Prepare

We’ve been handling preparation and installation of all types of underground utilities for years, and we have, time and again, successfully completed such tasks with commendable results. Among others, we can prepare or install telephone and cable lines, electricity, natural gas, storm drains, wastewater pipes, water mains, sewage system, and the like.

Such tasks will be handled only by our skilled workers using the right digging tools and equipment. We will also send a supervisor to oversee all tasks and to perform a thorough check and monitoring of all installed utilities.

Why Hire Us?

We will strictly follow your underground utilities plan to ensure the right placement of each utility. Whether it’s a new installation or a rework of an existing one, our people will ensure that all safety checks will be observed to avoid accidents or legal issues.

For existing homes or buildings in Tennessee, we will carefully perform the digging after we contact your utility providers to ensure we don't damage the utilities that are already installed underground. Moreover, we can work with other property developers and other contractors if they need our expertise and equipment. We will also offer you competitive rates so you can avail our professional services without having to reach deep inside your pockets.

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