Storm Water Retention

Storm Water Retention

One of the most common and often unresolved problems that property owners across Tennessee experience is storm water runoff. It’s not uncommon to see streets, parking areas, lawns, and even entire property premises have pockets of storm water or even completely submerged in it.

When not addressed outright and in a proper way, it could cause safety issues and problems with the structures and plantings in and around any commercial or residential property. But the good news is that we can build structures that will lessen the effects of storm water runoff and flooding. One great example is storm water retention facilities, of which we have built so many for various clients across the state.

The Need for Storm Water Retention

Storm water retention is a high-priority flood prevention technique that is especially done in urban areas where there are a lot of artificial impervious materials such as roofs, sidewalks, parking spaces, buildings, and roads.

Choosing the Right Storm Water Systems

We can design and build various types of storm water retention facilities for our clients. For residential properties, we usually recommend wet ponds (also called “retention ponds”) since they trap water permanently. These ponds can be turned into a focal point that will serve decorative and functional benefits. We have people who can design such facilities to resemble a garden pond complete with flora and fauna.

Meanwhile, we typically go for detention or dry ponds in commercial buildings and highly populated urban areas where the storm water is only contained following a runoff event such as heavy rains that normally lead to flooding. We can also install drains that will direct storm water away from vital structures and into specific channels, which could either be rivers or streams.

How We Build Storm Water Retention Facilities

Before we construct storm water retention facilities, we first conduct a thorough study of the immediate surroundings where the facilities are to be built. For example, we determine how large, deep, or wide the drainage channels must be, as well as how much or what type of vegetation should be planted along the channels to prevent flooding, increase biodiversity, or inhibit mosquito infestation.

We also see if installing pipes and drainage is a better way than constructing ditches, as it is usually the case with urban and commercial areas. We likewise check if there’s a need to install storm water treatment devices to lessen the negative environmental impact of the water runoff. Among such devices are oil-grit separators and oil-sediment separators, both of which can be extremely effective wastewater treatment facilities.

Our people will also coordinate with local authorities to ensure smooth flow of the project and avoid legal problems. Only when all necessary preparations are completed do we proceed with the actual construction of the storm water retention facilities that we deemed perfect for the specific application (residential or commercial).

Efficient Storm Water Retention Facilities

Don’t gamble by hiring inexperienced people to address your storm water retention concerns. We at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC are the perfect people to hire if you want professionally designed and properly built retention facilities. We provide excellent work quality that comes with our no-questions-asked warranty. Our rates are also affordable, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your budget.

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