Soil Compaction

Soil Compaction

Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is one of the few companies in the state that offer soil compaction services at highly affordable rates. We have resident experts who know the right approach to this very delicate and technical pre-construction phase to ensure safety of everyone working, as well as of the structures that will eventually be built on the site.

Based from experience, we know that improper compaction can lead to damage or collapse of structures, and even untoward incidents that could seriously put people’s safety at risk. This is why we only follow strict procedures when handling soil compaction projects.

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Ensures Structural Integrity and Safety

There are a lot of reasons why soil compaction is needed in property development. For one, it significantly increases the density of the soil, hence making it more stable. Moreover, compacting the soil will result in it being better able to support heavy building foundations, which ensures its structural integrity and the safety of the eventual occupants. The same can be said for roads built on top of a properly compacted soil base – they last longer than roads that do not undergo this process. In fact, compaction also works pretty well with golf courses, residential and commercial lawns, and baseball parks.

Soil compaction, furthermore, is beneficial for a granular, loose-soil type and old fills. It is likewise a site preparation option that is cost-effective and has guaranteed a positive outcome when done correctly. Other known benefits are resistance to water infiltration, as well as erosion – two hazards that can be costly and dangerous.

Our Soil Compaction Equipment

Soil Compaction

We have a fleet of task-appropriate soil compaction equipment that allows us to work smoothly and complete our projects way ahead of schedule. Specifically, among the equipment that we use in our compacting projects include single and double drums, single direction and plate compactors, tandem rollers, rammers, and trench rollers. These are all operated only by skilled and trained personnel in our company to ensure zero work-site casualty and efficient workflow. Our compaction equipment pieces are also from reputable brands, so they’re guaranteed up to the task.

Recompaction Services

We also offer recompaction services where we basically redo the compaction process to bring back the soil’s strength and stability. Recompaction is a vital step in projects such as building of roadways, jogging paths, and driveways where it’s a must to build them over a rock-solid base material. This is also done to save space (as is the case with high-rise buildings) where real estate space is fully maximized. Accordingly, we have several pieces of heavy equipment used for such jobs, including a plate compactor, a road roller, and Jumping Jack.

It’s important to note that we perform necessary tests to guarantee a well-compacted, firm soil. This way, you won’t have worries about the structure or amenity built over the recompacted soil.

Hire Us for Your Soil Compaction Needs

If you want to ensure that your construction or property improvement project won’t be jeopardized due to soil instability, then avail our soil compaction services and get the results that you need. We serve Nashville and other cities across Tennessee. You may reach us by calling 615-352-5323, or by visiting us at our office during convenient hours.

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