Lot & Land Clearing

Lot & Land Clearing

We at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC have worked on many lot and land clearing projects in the past, with some tasks actually pushing our skills and logistics to the limits. Fortunately, we have with us some of the most skilled and experienced workers in the state. Our personnel have handled some really challenging projects skillfully and have worked with numerous contractors, builders, engineers, and property owners. This makes them fully capable of taking on any clearing operation and ensuring a successful outcome.

The Need for Lot and Land Clearing

There are cases when it’s vital to ensure that a construction site is cleared of all hindrances and potential safety hazards, such as trees, dirt, and debris. When properly cleared, work can proceed immediately without any threats to the safety of all people working in the site. In such instances, lot and land clearing is required to address all issues and to ensure smooth workflow for timely completion of all construction tasks.

Our Lot and Land Clearing Services

Whether it is for a new house, a commercial building, a public road, or a residential development, only skilled and knowledgeable people should work on such technical project. And when it comes to providing lot and land clearing services, we at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC are one of Tennessee’s most reliable and trusted companies.

We can work on residential and commercial properties regardless of the size of the area involved. We have the right equipment for the job – chainsaws, bush cutters, bulldozers, trucks, graders, and the like. All of our equipment pieces are operated by skilled personnel who can guarantee efficient and safe carrying out of all clearing tasks.

Our people will also avoid damaging desirable trees and vital structures in the work area. In addition, our personnel will take charge of the proper disposal of debris so you won’t have to do it yourself.

We also offer various lot and land clearing options, such as pushover (where we will utilize major construction equipment to remove the trees with roots intact), and cut and grind (where our personnel will cut down trees to manageable sizes and then grind the stumps for use as mulch).

Why Get Our Lot and Land Clearing Services?

There may be other companies in Tennessee providing lot and land clearing services, but not all of them can offer the same dedication like we do at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC. We have been in the business long enough to achieve mastery of all effective techniques for preparing lands for specific uses, such as residential development or homes.

Our low rates, meanwhile, don’t translate to low-quality work; instead, we make sure that our offered results are the exact outcomes that clients need. We have people working for us who have handled the most challenging clearing projects, making them the perfect personnel for any of your land-clearing needs. For your peace of mind, we will warranty our work and render remedial services for free if proven that there was neglect or mistake on our part. But, thankfully, no client has ever availed of such service from us.

If you want to be sure that you’ll get the right answers for all your lot and land clearing problems, then call us today at 615-352-5323.

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