Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Our expertise in the field of construction does not end in building homes or handling large projects in commercial areas. We are also capable of designing and installing landscapes for property owners in Nashville and other areas in Tennessee.

A Reliable Landscape Contractor

Many of our past clients chose us to be their landscape contractor because of the many benefits they knew they'll get when they hired us. With us, you will also be getting the services of an experienced construction firm with a solid portfolio working on residential and commercial properties.

Here are some more reasons why Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is the right landscape services company to hire:

Landscape Services
  • Complete tools and equipment. We have tools and equipment that can be used for all types of landscaping projects. They help us perform land preparation tasks such as grading and excavation at a faster rate and within our clients' expected time-frame. They are also assured of commendable results because all of our crew members are skilled and experienced in doing these tasks.

  • Comprehensive services. Clients will no longer look for other contractors in the area just to facilitate the removal of structures that can obstruct the installation of various landscape features. We can handle the removal of trees, demolition of old structures in the outdoor area, and perform other tasks that most local landscaping companies can't provide.

  • Strong partnership with suppliers. Our long years in this business have helped us establish strong partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the country. With these partnerships, we can easily source out your needed materials from plantings, landscaping supplies, pavers, stones, and other landscape fixtures. This will also ensure unhampered installation of various landscape elements and faster project completion.

  • Experienced and creative people. Another reason why most Tennessee property owners choose our landscape services is the creativity and experience of our people. Our landscape designers and installers will ensure that every landscape they create will be unique and will reflect the needs and preferences of our clients.

We Offer Complete Landscape Services

At Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, we build great landscapes by carefully working on the various landscape elements. We ensure balance and harmony of all elements to achieve stunning and functional outdoor spaces. Our landscape services include:

Landscape Services
  • Softscapes. We can create certain mood or theme on your landscape by installing different types of plantings, such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and ornamental trees. We have a plant expert who can identify and install the best plants for your outdoor area.

  • Hardscapes. The main role of hardscapes is to add functionality to your landscape. However, we can also use these features to improve your outdoor area’s appeal by creating unique designs and using premium materials such as natural stones.

  • Waterscapes. Water features are great additions not just because of their charm but also for the health benefits that they can provide. We can build ponds, waterfalls, pools, fountains, and other water features around your property.

  • Maintenance. As part of our comprehensive landscape services, we can also maintain the landscapes that we designed and built. We can take care of the mowing, pruning, paver cleaning, and other landscape maintenance tasks.

Handles Residential and Commercial Landscaping Projects

Our company can work on both residential and commercial landscaping projects. If you need a reliable provider of comprehensive landscape services, please call us at 615-352-5323.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in TN: