At Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, we take pride in our ability to perform various grading jobs with ease and efficiency. For years, we have provided Tennessee clients with comprehensive solutions to all their landscaping concerns, particularly when areas around properties must be properly graded to facilitate tasks involving landscaping. We also offer this service to clients who are constructing new homes or commercial buildings. In all our previous projects, we have shown property owners mastery of our craft that helped us complete our work ahead of the schedule. We’ve also rendered a no-nonsense approach to all our tasks, allowing us to keep clients happy with the results that we provided.

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Rough Grading

One of our specializations is in performing rough grading tasks where we level and compact soil to prepare it for the initial phase of property development. This specific technique is usually done for projects that involve construction of homes, commercial buildings, and other structures. We typically use a soil compactor and a bulldozer to perform this specific task. Likewise, we ensure that the surfaces we work on are properly graded according to city codes to avoid legal problems and to keep potential drainage problems and trouble during construction at bay.

Finish Grading

Finish grading is usually the final step taken prior to the actual construction phase, typically involving concrete or asphalt pavement. In this task, we use special tools and equipment to ensure proper elevation and drainage. Task-appropriate tools also allow us to take away remaining debris and large rocks for a truly smooth finish. We employ an experienced grade checker to ensure accuracy and high quality grades.

Commercial/Industrial-Site Grading

We perform commercial- and industrial-site grading services for Tennessee clients. We’ve worked on commercial sites, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and the like, as well as industrial locations, like factories and warehouses. In all these projects, we successfully provided the right solutions to our clients’ requirements.

Hillside Grading

Some of the most technically challenging tasks that we handle are hillside grading projects for property developments -- both residential and commercial. This is because care should be observed all throughout the project duration to ensure that everything is done according to relevant city codes.

Additionally, expertise is required to perform this task since hillsides are inherently prone to landslides, and improper grading could only trigger or worsen such inherent risk. And then there is that need to allow for excellent drainage and surface runoff conveyance to avoid problems in the future. Fortunately, we have just the skilled and experienced people to ensure that this particular task will be done according to industry’s best practices, so you won’t have to worry about problems occurring once the project is completed.

A Reliable Contractor in the Tennessee Area

As an experienced contractor operating in Tennessee and serving the cities of Nashville, Brentwood, Columbia, and nearby areas, we take pride in having served numerous clients in these locations. With our heavy-duty grading equipment and experienced licensed operators, you will be assured of outstanding results even if it involves working on complex projects. The best part is that we offer competitive pricing that you can easily afford.

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