Grading Franklin, TN

Grading Franklin, TN

Johnson & Son Construction, LLC has been the leading general construction company in the state of Tennessee. In our years of providing professional construction services to property owners in the state, particularly clients from Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood, and Lebanon, we are able to establish our name in the local construction industry. And today, most of our clients are return customers who have tried and tested the quality services that we can provide.

Let us also provide you the kind of service that we’ve been providing our clients with. You can hire us to work on various property development and construction projects, like excavation, grading, hauling, and landscaping. Call us today so we can talk about your needs and requirements.

Grading Performed by Professionals

Grading is always a prerequisite to any property improvement project. It is needed to prepare the land for specific structures that will be built in the area, like building a new home or commercial establishment. It will also guarantee the successful installation of various features and amenities, especially if the site is being prepared for landscape installation.

However, the success of the project depends on how the grading task is performed. You have to ensure that your contractor is experienced and has the required skills in performing this highly specialized task. And here at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, you will be guaranteed of a properly graded land when you hire us today. We will ensure that all your specifications and requirements are followed during the process to avoid back jobs and construction delays.

Various Grading Jobs that We Can Do

We've already handled different kinds of grading jobs for residential and commercial properties in the state, particularly in the Franklin area. And we're happy that we always meet and even exceed our clients' expectations after we complete our tasks.

Tennessee property owners can hire us to perform the following:

  • Rough grading. This task is needed to prepare the site for the initial phase of construction. We level slope areas and compact soil to allow the construction of new homes, commercial buildings, and other concrete structures. During this stage, we remove excess dirt, boulders, and other debris from the site. Some of the heavy equipment that we use includes bulldozers, compactors, and other equipment that will help us complete the task at a faster rate.

  • Finish grading. We perform this task to level the area according to project specifications and prepare it for the next installation phase. Finish grading will help avoid drainage problems, basement seepage, and pooling of water in your landscape. Since uneven areas are leveled to the desired grade, property owners or their contractors can now perform sod installation, hydroseeding, and planting of other softscape elements. Concrete and other hardscape features can be installed after the finish grade task.

Johnson and & Construction, LLC can also perform hillside and commercial/industrial site grading. Just tell us your requirements, and we will send our best people and appropriate equipment to your project location.

Reliable Grading Contractor in Tennessee

If you're from Franklin, TN and nearby areas, hire us and we will be very happy to serve your property development needs. We have the experience, the expertise, and the needed equipment to perform any kind of grading job. Call us at 615-352-5323 today.

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