General Contractor Nashville, TN

General Contractor Nashville, TN

Johnson and Son Construction, LLC is the most trusted general contractor in Nashville, TN. For years now, we have served a lot of clients who were desperately seeking for competent contractors for their property improvement concerns. Through our no-nonsense approach in performing various construction tasks, as well as our people’s unquestionable skills and knowledge, we have become the first company that clients trust and go to.

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We Are Your Ally in Property Development and Construction

When it comes to being a general contractor, we at Johnson and Son Construction, LLC possess all the necessary skills, logistics, and knowledge that make us truly effective. We have highly versatile crews who can handle all jobs related to site preparation, demolition and clearing, and erosion control. We have worked with so many property developers, engineers, landscapers, and property owners in the past, hence allowing us to gain valuable insights and experience that made us very effective in what we do. With us behind your back, you can expect commendable outcomes that will make your project a success.

General Contracting Services We Offer

We are essentially a one-stop general contractor providing value-for-money services for builders, property owners, landscapers, and residential developers in the state of Tennessee. Specifically, our clients can avail any of the following services that we offer:

General Contractor Nashville, TN
  • Excavation. Whether it’s for the building’s foundation or you intend to install a swimming pool in your yard, we can perform the needed excavation works quickly and correctly. We have the required heavy equipment, such as backhoes and excavators, to get the job done right.

  • Land clearing. Do you need some trees taken down or, perhaps, have a few stumps removed so you can install a garden or some paver structures? Whichever is your purpose, we can render the needed clearing assistance to fully prepare your yard or property for your project.

  • Hauling. We can address your need for professional hauling service with our skilled crews and heavy equipment. We have flatbed and dump trucks to remove anything that you want taken off your property’s vicinity.

  • Demolition. If you need an old structure demolished to give way to a new outdoor amenity, allow us to perform the needed demolition job. We have experienced people who will guarantee orderly workflow to ensure timely completion without causing undue damage to other structures in your property.

  • Erosion control. Let our seasoned crews take care of your soil erosion concerns. We can perform preventive steps to ensure that water runoff and strong winds won’t cause some parts of your property to erode.

  • Grading. Proper grading is a requisite measure to ensure that the site will be ready prior to the installation or construction of outdoor features, structures, or amenities.

General Contractor Nashville, TN

We Have Complete Equipment

One way by which we have established our company as a reliable general contractor is ensuring that we have all the needed equipment for the different tasks entrusted to us. We have invested in complete construction equipment, such as graders, haulers, compactors, trucks, and backhoes. With these resources, we can tackle all kinds of site preparation tasks that clients may need help with.

Experienced and Reliable Nashville General Contractor

Johnson and Son Construction, LLC is the general contractor that you can fully rely on if you’re from the Nashville area. Our experience, capabilities, and credentials are your assurance that we know our stuff and we can render the results that you need. Please contact us soon.

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