Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is a Tennessee-based firm specializing in small- to large-scale excavation projects. We can work on any size and type of project, be it residential, commercial, or public space. We have skilled manpower, excellent logistics capabilities, and partners who help us perform our work with ease and efficiency. Our previous works involve some serious challenges that tested our skills and logistics to the limits, yet we successfully aced the tasks involved.

If you want to discuss with us your specific excavation concerns, please dial 615-352-5323 and we will provide you with fast, time-tested solutions.

Excavation Jobs that We Perform

As a licensed and experienced construction firm, we can handle even the most challenging jobs that involve working on building foundations, fences, pools, drainage systems, ponds, streams, waterfalls, and other water features. Likewise, we can excavate for retaining walls, driveways, gardens, and many others. We can also handle other digging concerns not mentioned, just tell us about your particular needs and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

The Right Contractor for Your Excavation Needs

While there are probably dozens of other companies across Tennessee offering excavation services that are similar as ours, we possess some great advantages. These advantages ultimately make us at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC the best possible contractors to hire for your trenching or digging requirements.

First, we have a fleet of excavation equipment, such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dredgers, track hoes, and the like. These pieces of heavy equipment allow us to excavate large areas and complete tasks without delays. We have handled such projects so many times before that we’ve become capable of taking even the most challenging projects.

Aside from excavation projects, we also handle dirt disposal after the digging or trenching works. We have a fleet of dump trucks that allows us to transport dirt and debris into the proper disposal facilities so you won’t have to oversee such labor-intensive undertaking by your own.

Moreover, we offer competitive rates for our services without sacrificing quality. This is one of the best reasons why past and present clients alike choose us over the others. With our affordable rates, we have helped clients who would otherwise have been unable to afford such specialized services because of budget constraints.

Contact Us Today for Your Excavation Requirements

Whether you’re planning to have a pool for you private residence, or you need to have someone take care of excavating your building’s foundations, we at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC will be up and ready for the challenge. As we’ve done countless times in the past, we will send our skilled excavators equipped with the proper heavy equipment to your location. Our people will be fully briefed about your specific excavation requirements, so you’re sure that they will perform the task towards the achievement of your set goals.

Should you have questions about our offered services, or if you wish to have a price quote, please visit us at our Nashville office. You may also call us at 615-352-5323.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in TN: