Excavation Nashville, TN

Excavation Nashville, TN

Our lengthy experience in the construction industry has honed our skills in working on the different phases of property development and construction. And one of the areas where we consider ourselves as experts is in the field of excavation. In fact, we have already handled and completed such projects in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Lebanon, and other areas in Tennessee. Call us at 615-352-5323 to learn more about this particular service.

Our Capabilities

You can rely on our expertise when it comes to various excavation works on residential and commercial properties. We have several completed projects in the Nashville area, as well as in neighboring cities, that you can use as reference on how we work on this highly technical job.

Here are some of the excavation projects that we can handle:

  • Pool construction. The construction of an in-ground pool requires the use of heavy equipment. And at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, we can facilitate its construction by providing our pool excavation services.

  • Building foundation. We can help property owners and even other contractors prepare the project site for the next phase of construction. We can excavate the foundations for new homes, buildings, and other structures. We will work with your engineer or project manager to pinpoint the right areas where the new structures will be built. Aside from our compact equipment used in residential projects, we also have excavating equipment that we can use in large commercial projects, like high-rise buildings and commercial facilities.

  • Ponds and other water features. You can also hire us to work on your ponds and water features. Just present to us your design plans, and we will take care of the rest - from digging to dirt disposal.

  • Drainage systems. We can create trenches for residential and commercial drainage systems. Our team will carefully follow the design plan to ensure efficient drainage installation. We can even handle the entire installation so you won't have to hire another contractor to complete the project.

  • Roads and driveways. We have helped residential clients build their driveways by performing the necessary excavation and grading tasks. Our portfolio also includes excavating for private roads in some communities across the state.

Complete Excavation Equipment

One of the qualities that you have to look for in general contractors is their capabilities. They must have the required tools and equipment that can handle even the most challenging excavation tasks. And you don't have to worry if you hire Johnson & Son Construction, LLC today. We have the needed equipment to perform all kinds of digging and trenching jobs. We can provide backhoes, dozers, loaders, tracked excavators, trenchers, and other heavy equipment.

We also ensure that our equipment is properly maintained to avoid project delays and accidents on the job site. It is also handled and operated by a licensed and experienced operator so you are assured of quality output and fast project completion.

The Right Company for All Your Excavation Projects

Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is the right company to hire for all your excavation needs since we have the necessary experience, skilled personnel, and complete equipment. Contact us today or visit us at our Nashville, TN office so we can start discussing your project requirements.

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