Erosion Control

Soil erosion is a common problem of property owners that must be addressed immediately. It can pose risks to people in the area and even cause damage to structures when no mitigating measures are undertaken. If you are worried about the integrity of your property's soil and it is already eroding, it's time to hire erosion control professionals to address the problem at once.

At Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, we provide effective solutions to all kinds of soil erosion issues. Whether it is about controlling eroding soil in a landscape or safeguarding people and properties in land development and construction sites, we are up to the task. Call us for more details on how we perform this highly technical job.

Our Erosion Control Methods and Techniques

Erosion Control

There are a lot of methods that can be used to effectively control erosion. We can use traditional ways and more modern methods depending on the needs and requirements of our clients. For example, we build advanced erosion control systems in areas where soil is highly unstable or require immediate solutions.

Some of the methods and techniques that we usually adopt in our erosion control projects include:

  • Building retaining walls. Installing retaining walls is a cost-effective method to control erosion. They do not only improve the safety in the area but they also improve the aesthetics of the home or commercial property where they are built. At Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, we carefully choose the type of retaining wall for our client's property to ensure it will last long and provide the necessary protection. Our retaining walls are built by certified masons and builders so they’re sure to last.

  • Use of fibers and geotextiles. These two materials are effective in preventing soil erosion especially on steep slopes. Natural fibers are recommended for short-term erosion control goals and vegetation is usually added to maximize their benefits. Meanwhile, synthetic geotextiles can be used in variety of applications and are more durable than the former.

  • Installation of Plantings. Another cost-effective method in controlling erosion is using plantings. For landscapes, we suggest planting groundcovers, shrubs, or trees to reduce and minimize the effects of soil erosion. While they do not provide immediate protection, we still recommend them because of their great benefits. Trees can serve as wind-breakers while shrubs and other plants species can provide color and charm to the landscape.

We can also install other erosion control systems such as building trenches, gabions, mechanically stabilized earth walls, and other structures that you prefer. Just contact us so we can recommend the appropriate structures and methods for your property.

Experienced Builders and Installers

One of our areas of expertise as a construction firm is our decades of experience in the business. This makes us capable of doing complex projects such as building erosion control systems with ease and outstanding results. Moreover, we can handle various property development and improvement projects that other local contractors in Tennessee can't provide.

When you hire Johnson & Son Construction, LLC, you'll get a safer property with added functionality and improved aesthetics. Contact us today at 615-352-5323 and we will discuss with you how we build efficient and durable erosion control systems.

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