We consider ourselves as some of the most reliable contractors in the state that can efficiently handle all types of demolition jobs. Our people have worked on many such projects in the past with results that allowed our clients to build new structures or just clear some space in their property.

If you think that it’s already time to tear down your home or business establishment, then don’t hesitate to connect with us soon. We will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how we will proceed with the project to ensure fast completion at the lowest possible cost.

Factors We Consider when Doing Demolition

While it may seem like a no-brainer (with the mentality that it’s basically just destroying a house), demolition projects are actually complicated tasks that must be properly thought out first before proceeding. Specifically, these are the factors that we consider before we demolish any structure in our clients’ property:

  • Permits. It’s against most local building codes and laws to just tear down any structure without first securing the necessary permits from relevant agencies, such as the City Engineer. In some cases, antique houses are impossible to be demolished since they are protected by the law, especially if they’re included in a historical preservation list.

  • Surrounding structures/landscape features. The common mistake of other companies is that they just demolish homes or buildings without minding other structures and outdoor features nearby, usually resulting in costly damages. With us, you’re assured that we will avoid hitting a delicate statue or a nearby installation through careful planning and execution.

  • Hazardous materials and utility installations. Whether it’s a gas line or a potential hazardous material like asbestos, we will ensure that we won’t hit them or leave them to pose health risks (as in the case of asbestos found in most old homes and buildings).Demolition

  • Budget. Of course, we will factor in our clients’ budget as we don’t want to burden them by paying an amount that is greater than their set budget for the demolition job. In such case, we always provide a free, honest, and upfront project cost estimate so clients can tell us if they can afford our estimated amount or not.

Why Get Our Demolition Services?

Since demolition is a labor-intensive and highly technical task, we send only trained personnel who are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, and wrecking ball. We also cover all possible areas and tasks, such as simple tear downs in residential properties, like detached garages, gazebos, and other outdoor living structures. We can also handle more complex and technical projects involving expansive residential developments and commercial establishments.

Moreover, we can easily secure the permits and all other requirements for you. We can even dispose of the debris to appropriate locations for your convenience and peace of mind. Lastly, we offer our demolition services at very affordable rates so you can have your needed assistance without paying a fortune.

Contact Us Now

Our goal at Johnson & Son Construction, LLC is to ensure that you will have your intended structure demolished according to regulations and be charged fairly. As we’ve done so many times in the past, we can answer all your demolition needs whether it’s a residential structure or a commercial building. Just contact us through our customer hotline (615) 352-5323, or visit our Nashville office so we can discuss things over.

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